Doctors and AI Transforming Healthcare

Find the smallest, most profitable iteration of Artificial Intelligence that gives you the greatest ROI in the shortest amount of time.

Dedicated to Healthcare
Agent Health (AGH) is an Artificial Intelligence solution developer based in Montreal, Canada. We develop custom AI solutions for the Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Health Technology sectors exclusively.

Custom AI Solutions
AGH works with leading private and public sector companies (Hospital networks, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medtech, Government authorities, Research centers, CROs) to go beyond off-the-shelves, one-size-fits-all AI technology and deliver proprietary AI solutions geared toward value creation and cost-containment.

How to reach the finish line with Artificial Intelligence
AI transformations are 10% about technology and 90% about making sure your AI solution will deliver sustainable, measurable results. Beyond AI algorithms and data capture, AGH offers companies a rigorous, proven, step-by-step AI deployment roadmap to achieve a successful AI Integration across all their operations, systems and value chain.

Proprietary AI solution
We work with clients to design, develop and deploy the smallest iteration of AI that can generate the greatest financial ROI or clinical outcomes in the shortest time window. Intellectual Property (IP) to our solutions are proprietary to clients.

Short time to ROI
Companies that choose to dip their toes and start integrating AI at the core of their operations are looking to minimize risks and see their Return On Investment (ROI) as fast as possible. Time-to-ROI is key to a successful deployment of ML-driven solutions. AGH works with companies to develop and deploy their proprietary AI solutions within an average of 6-9 months. We can generate concrete AI-driven ROI, based on clinical outcomes or financial performance within the same financial year.

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Platform
Deep Space AI

As A Service

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence applied to Deep Space Healthcare.

AI For Business Outcomes‎
Artificial Intelligence

As A Service

AGH develops custom, precise Artificial Intelligence Solutions tailored with the exact capabilities you seek.

Agent Health: AI Healthcare Consulting Agency
Healthcare AI


Improve your performance through analysis, development, and execution of strategic Artificial Intelligence opportunities.

Make Artificial Intelligence Part of Your Success Story


Communicating and Interacting More Efficiently

Improve patient experience and engage customers more efficiently. Reallocate time and resources to more critical sectors in order to increase staff and health professionals productivity and make the most of your human assets throughout your organization.

Machine Learning for better Healthcare

Lean and Agile AI-Powered Workflows

Stay connected with your machines, streamline and automate your processes, predict outcomes and avoid bottlenecks with an “intelligent” up-to-date view of the different steps required to achieve your operational goals.

AI Machine Learning Connected
Product and Services

Real-time Connectivity and Customization

Generate more value from your products and services harnessing unique data about their use, functionalities and drawbacks from manufacturing centers to customer touch points. Your solutions can now share precious operational insights in real-time.

Machine Learning on Edge Brings AI to IoT

AI-Driven Predictions and Insights Supporting Every Decision

Implement leaner, smarter systems from ERPs to CRMs and know exactly where to extract the most value from your business activities. Use actionable data streams, from shop floors to back office and improve your efficiency, flexibility and decision-making process.

AI Driven Predictions

Artificial Intelligence in Space Medecine

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence applied to deep-space healthcare

From image analytics to minimally invasive surgery, AGH is dedicated to developing AI-driven healthcare solutions and transforming how remote virtual care can be delivered in deep space.

We are entering a new era in space exploration, and AGH is determined to become a leading figure contributing to Canadian leadership in Artificial Intelligence solutions applied to space medicine.

Artificial Intelligence In Space Medicine

AGH is proud to be a Speaker & Exhibitor at the upcoming AIxSpace 2020 event.

For its first edition, AIxSPACE will be held on June 1st, 2020 in Montreal (QC), one of the major global hubs for artificial intelligence.

Euroconsult and Innovitech have chosen to combine their expertise to create this unique event at the cross-roads of Space exploration and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining the frontiers of the space industry and radically transforming the healthcare sector. Several applications are emerging such as autonomous decision-making, astronaut medical assistance, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics.

For the first time, this conference will bring together key stakeholders from aerospace and artificial intelligence to offer a unique glimpse of the novel technology solutions these cutting-edge industry sectors promise to deliver.

Come see the AGH team at AIxSpace and discover the future of AI-driven healthcare solutions designed for deep space exploration.

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