AIaaS Specialists in Healthcare

AI as a Service (AIaaS)

3 reasons why AI matters in Healthcare:
Efficiency, Outcomes, & Costs

Our AIaaS solutions are as unique as our clients. We create, develop and deliver highly advanced AI solutions tailored to our customer’s exact needs and requirements. Whether companies want to tackle precise operational challenges or optimize specific parts of their processes, the flexibility of design allows us to deliver AI solutions that will always meet their exact requirements.

With Agent health as your AI partner you are now able to use your data to its full potential and always make the right decisions, whether strategic, clinical, research-based or customer-focused. We build a customized ecosystem to help companies become more competitive without any human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions.

AGH uses artificial intelligence to create value, contain costs and provide strategic insights. We create intelligent, connected systems to help you leverage your data through actionable insights and data-driven decisions. AGH develops custom AI solutions that transform your data into actionable, measurable strategic information.

We Help Companies Develop AI-Driven Products, Services and Processes

Agent Health has developed a rigorous and systematic process to onboard companies and lead them towards a measurable and sustainable AI transformation. We work in close collaboration with our clients guaranteeing a seamless progression from Current state to Ideal state.

How do we customize AI solutions: the 4 P’s

<b>P</b>lanning of AI Solution

Planning of AI Solution

We help you find the smallest iteration of AI that will give you the greatest ROI in the shortest time. Combining Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence expertise we design the architecture of the AI solution best suited for your strategic needs and organisational requirements.
<b>P</b>ersonalization of AI Interface

Personalization of AI Interface

The selected AI solution is then tailored to your specific operational requirements, care platforms, R&D strategies, and customer/employee ecosystems. We design your solution to fit seamlessly into your existing business infrastructure and become an extension of your current systems.
<b>P</b>roduction of AI Solution

Production of AI Solution

We get to work and make sure to deliver your AI solution on time, on target and on budget. We keep you involved throughout the development process, proof of concept and the whole execution phase. Finally, we deploy your completed solution in a smooth and controlled approach.
<b>P</b>romotion of AI Capabilities

Promotion of AI Capabilities

We provide ongoing technical support, optimization and make sure your AI solution delivers sustainable, measurable results. We will also train your employees, administrative and management teams and teach them how to fully leverage your newly acquired AI capabilities.



Extract Value From Your Data


The power to solve real-world healthcare challenges is now at your fingertips. Artificial Intelligence is the starting point for all future transformation, disruption and competitive advantages in today’s fast-changing healthcare market.

One technology, Multiple Capabilities

Our custom AI solution integrates seamlessly into your operations, meets your exact needs and will grow organically with your strategic priorities. Scalable, turnkey and constantly being optimized our AI solutions will empower you with cutting edge AI capabilities and a highly secure and low-risk digital framework capable of evolving with your organization.

Learn From Your Data, Identify Patterns, Make Decisions And Predict Outcomes

With the ability to empower machines to sense, understand, take action and learn from their environment Agent Health wishes companies to take advantage of cutting-edge AI technologies that are practical, high yield and customized to their needs.

Our AI solutions are not simple software, single technology applications or stand-alone programs that can be bought off the shelves. They are advanced AI ecosystems leveraging a perfect balance of healthcare expertise and machine learning capabilities tailored to meet your exact technology requirements.

Decision Making AI

Decision Making

Precise, tailored recommendations based on real-time actionable data to make the best educated, AI-driven decisions for your business.

Predictive AI Analysis In Health Care

Predictive Power

Anticipate and predict the best course of action using your data to find valuable patterns and relationships between your customers and your solutions.

Automated Machine Learning in Healthcare


With Machine Learning, repetitive tasks and standard operations can now be streamlined entirely allowing employees to focus exclusively on value- adding tasks.


Extract Value From Your Data

The power to solve real-world healthcare challenges is now at your fingertips.

Artificial Intelligence is the starting point for all future transformation, disruption and competitive advantages in today’s fast-changing healthcare market.

Machine Vision AI

Machine Vision

Extract in real-time important visual features, recognize accurately people and identify objects, scenes, and activities that are beyond human capacities.

AI Predictive Learning

Variance Management

Similar actions should always yield the same results. Decrease variance, detect outliers and eliminate discrepancies across your operations.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Integrate customer sentiment analysis, automated reasoning, machine translation and virtual communication agents to your daily business activities.

Invest in value creation and cost-containment

Proprietary AI solutions designed to meet your exact needs

Custom development of artificial intelligence solutions focused on strategic areas of your business where Artificial Intelligence can deliver strong ROI in a very short time.

Big data & Advanced Analytics

Big data helps when traditional data mining cannot optimally draw insights and meaning from data to reveal hidden patterns and trends.

Smart, Connected networks

It is now possible to make quicker and better decisions and bridge together people and processes to work in sync towards common goals.

Adaptive and autonomous systems

Machines with cognitive capabilities for interpreting their own data, selecting the best actions, recognizing and handling failures and most of all interacting with humans.

Make Artificial Intelligence the strongest asset your business has.