Healthcare & AI Consulting

We help companies dip their toes into the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We provide an AI transformation roadmap that leads to measurable and sustainable results.

Are there costly repetitive tasks in your processes?
Opportunity for automation?

Are there optimization opportunities?
Augment your products and services, create new value, contain costs?

Are there processes with an unexplained variance?
Too much variability? Do the same actions yield different results?

Can predicting outcomes improve process efficiency and quality?
Sales, production, logistics, product quality, inventory, etc.

Can better and more timely information help improve decision making?
Especially if sources of information are numerous, diversified and/or unstructured?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then AI is one of the technology options accessible to you to address effectively these challenges. Agent Health is committed to offering companies the highest level of consulting expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to healthcare and the life sciences sectors.

Our team is dedicated to helping you transform your business, streamline your operations, integrate innovation at the core of your processes and develop new, more competitive products, processes, and services.

Healthcare markets are changing and the demand for new
AI capabilities is growing.

We offer companies to transform how they compete in today’s digital economy.

What if you could add incredible value to your products and services and position your company ahead of the competition with unique AI-driven processes?

  • Where should you target future technology investments?
  • What new set of machine learning capabilities would enable you to perform better?
  • Who will offer you the strategic AI perspective you seek?


How does your company approach AI transformations?

AI is happening right now. How do you choose to fit in the picture?

For the next 3 years, Artificial Intelligence will be the starting point for most transformations, disruptions and competitive advantages. Unfortunately, most companies do not have yet, the internal resources or the technology expertise to implement AI transformations efficiently.

Stay curious. Seek answers to your questions

We can help you ask the right questions and choose confidently the best way to integrate AI capabilities at the heart of your organization. Together we can make sure you deliver higher-quality care at lower cost, better engage consumers and integrate innovation smartly at the heart of your processes.

AI Consulting Agency

Strategy and Artificial Intelligence Consulting in Healthcare

Our team of AI scientists and healthcare experts create specialized strategies and customized AI solutions to fit your organization’s needs. We understand better than anyone your operating environment, value chain and the expectations placed on you to deliver more efficient care to your patients and their families while containing costs and abiding by your regulatory framework.

Our team of seasoned consultants will help you take advantage of AI, develop new capabilities for your business and build a customer-focused system that’s streamlined, efficient, competitive and satisfies all your different stakeholders.

Our extensive, multi-sectoral experience includes developing and implementing AI strategies and technology in:

  • Virtual care portals
  • Operations and operating models
  • Supply chain management / Procurement
  • Patient / Customer relationship Management
  • Payment gateways
  • Security / HIPAA platform
  • Telemedicine
  • Diagnostic products optimization
  • Workforce management
  • Manufacturing chain transformation
  • Aerospace Medicine
  • Deep space exploration

Interested in deploying world-class AI solutions in your organization? Learn more about our Strategy and Artificial Intelligence consulting services.

Provide Actionable Recommendations, Automate Tasks To Boost Productivity