Agent Health and Vooban to Launch Healthcare- Focused Strategic AI Collaboration

Agent Health and Vooban to Launch Healthcare- Focused Strategic AI Collaboration

Agent Health & Vooban to facilitate Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) uptake in the Life Sciences and Health Technology (LSHT) sectors.

MONTREAL, March 12, 2019 ( – Agent Health and Vooban announced today a strategic collaboration to ensure the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions and services in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors in Quebec. The Agent Health – Vooban synergy will provide these sectors with privileged access to AI solutions and offer them unique opportunities to integrate AI technology at the core of their operations.

By combining Vooban’s expertise in data science to Agent Health’s acumen in customization of AI solutions for the LSHT sector, this promising fusion of expertise will translate into multiple growth opportunities for the Life Sciences sector and offer many tangible benefits for the Quebec population. Future AI technology projects in healthcare and LSHT will be developed and delivered through this strategic collaboration.

The AI landscape is evolving, and there is an urgent need for AI providers to demonstrate that beyond their ability to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions, they possess proven expertise in their customers’ industry sectors. Dr. Kaddaha, Medical Director at Agent Health, says “the fusion of Artificial Intelligence and healthcare expertise gives us a unique understanding of our clients’ strategic challenges and exceptional insights to tailor AI solutions to their exact needs.”

“We are proud to offer an indisputable strategic edge to LSHT companies focused on achieving profitable AI transformations,” said Dr. Habra, Scientific Director at AGH. Companies are now looking for seamless AI integration, value creation and a trusted partner that already understands the depth of their processes. This strategic collaboration offers all three.

The Agent Health – Vooban synergy brings together for the first time Doctors, PhDs and AI experts committed to building sustainable partnerships with the public and private sectors and creating economic opportunities at the heart of Quebec’s LSHT and AI initiatives.

“This strategic collaboration is about much more than just developing AI solutions,” says Dr. Theriault, CEO of Agent Health. “More than 80 percent of AI opportunities in the healthcare sector require simple, affordable solutions that focus on optimizing operational ‘processes’, with no need to deal with confidential patient data. We wish to work closely with the province’s health institutions and healthcare professionals to offer them, for the first time, unique access to these cutting-edge technologies, for the greater benefit of the Quebec population.”

About Agent Health

Headquartered in Montreal, Agent Health is a fast-growing AI solution provider dedicated to the Healthcare and LSHT sectors. AGH leverages Artificial Intelligence, healthcare expertise, and front-line medical knowledge to address real-life challenges with custom, scalable and secure AI solutions.

About Vooban

Vooban is the fastest-growing artificial intelligence development firm in Quebec City. We use AI and IoT to provide cutting-edge solutions to the healthcare and life sciences sector. Through the elaboration of a 360° strategy that covers every step of the digital transformation, we enhance efficiency and improve healthcare operations.

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