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Healthcare Chatbot

Intelligent Conversational agents designed for the Healthcare and Life Sciences Sectors

Do better business and deliver better healthcare

Take advantage of AI-driven personalized conversations to streamline your operations, automate repetitive tasks and save time and money. Our intelligent conversational agents integrate seamlessly into your existing patient support services, marketing strategies, and employee management platforms.

Our Omnichannel Chatbot platform delivers a truly competitive marketing and operational advantage

It is now possible to stay connected at all times with customers and employees and be proactive about their needs and preferences in a non-intrusive way. Our clients are always 100% in control of their customer and employee data and never have to second guess the privacy, security or capabilities of their AI-driven conversational platform.

Our Conversational AI Chatbot Offers

AI Technology

  • Customizable
  • Constant optimization
  • Protected IP
  • Machine Learning
  • Compatibility
  • E-commerce
  • Omnichannel
  • Txt to Txt / Speech to Speech

Dedicated Healthcare & AI Team

  • Healthcare support
  • AI Tech support
  • Team Training
  • 24/7 access
  • Workshops
  • Webinars

Cloud-based Conversational Platform

  • Security: Hipaa Compliant
  • Analytics and performance
  • Integrated backend
  • Scalability
  • Supports Multiple languages
  • E-commerce


A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers

Our Healthcare chatbot is Omnichannel

Designed to work on platforms already used by your employees, patients, and customers

Extraordinary user experience without forcing users to download, install or update any apps or programs.

Agent Health’s Conversational Cloud platform provides enterprise-grade security, data privacy, and scalability. Being healthcare professionals, AI, and Digital scientists, we are in a unique position to help you maximize consumer adoption, patient engagement, and employee efficiency.

Spend less time on repetitive questions equals more time for value-adding projects.

Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Professionals

Take advantage of multichannel AI-driven Conversations

AI-driven conversations tailored to your exact business requirements

Website Chatbot


Answer questions directly on your Website and social media platforms.

Chatbot for Mobile


One-on-One automated conversations anytime, anywhere, in the world.

Healthcare Community Chatbot


Increase patient engagement and streamline the customer’s journey.

Better decisions and smarter actions in real-time without human intervention

Artificial Intelligence engaging your customers and supporting your employees

If you are in the business of health, think of AI Bots as an essential part of your business. Integrating seamlessly to your existing platforms, AI Bots are built with the goal of automating and streamlining daily employee management and customer development to save you time and money.

Since health consumers want quick and efficient access to information and also require interactions to be engaging and personal, chatbots offer a truly competitive advantage for health businesses looking to deliver value customers and working autonomy to employees.

Integrating an AI bot will impact your:

Operational efficiency

  • Complements all your existing operational, administrative and CRM platforms
  • Automation of your internal employee processes to increase productivity
  • Reduces, even eliminate human error in managing information and data transfer
  • Accessible year round and around the clock
  • All knowing virtual assistant for your workforce in the field
  • Predictive metrics and analytics

Customer relationship management

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Impeccable quality of service to customers and patients
  • Powerful interface to manage centrally all frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Highly personalized and engaging customer experience
  • Automation of tasks and regular customer-facing situations
  • Easier access to medical and relevant customer information
  • Payment platform

Since health consumers want quick and efficient access to information but also require interactions to be engaging and personal, chatbots offer a truly competitive advantage for companies who adopt them. In the healthcare sector, conversational tools like a chatbot allow to personalize patient care and improve customer loyalty. Chatbots help increase productivity and deliver better, faster and cheaper care to patients and health customers.

The ROI of Customer Service Chatbots

ROI of A Chatbot in Healthcare

Benefits of AI-driven conversational platforms

Patient Health & Compliance

  • Update record systems with patient’s medical history
  • Manages prescriptions and refills
  • Personalized reminders for patients to take their medications
  • Alerts about health and real-time assistance
  • Educate patients and answer questions
  • Provide support on medical devices
  • Health data bank that can be shared with physicians
  • Customer help for OTC medicines
  • Finding a doctor, making appointments and rescheduling
  • Assistance for managing doctors’ prescriptions (lab work, radiology, medications…)
  • Answer post-op care questions
  • Patient follow up after discharge

Medical practice & productivity 

  • Send and receive referrals
  • Facilitate secured collaboration and exchange between peers
  • Provide direct help if patients need urgent assistance
  • Inform care teams of changes in a patient’s status
  • Have access to radiological history and films
  • Consult patient files, labs and imaging on the go
  • Follow up to check on improvements in the state of patients that were discharged
  • Schedule appointments, consultations and follow-ups
  • File expense reports
  • Complete administrative task
  • Act as an executive assistant
  • Streamline admissions
  • Manage transfer requests

The Most Intuitive + Powerful Conversion Chatbot Platform for Healthcare